Fixatti is a world niche player in thermoplastic & thermosetting adhesives and coatings. Our high quality polymer powders and hotmelts are used in the woven and non-woven industry for various end applications in the textile, automotive & building industry and as a coating for conveyor belts and metal coatings.



The word polymer is derived from old Greek :

  • (poly) meaning ‘many’
  • (meros) meaning ‘part’

A polymer is a long molecule, like a long chain, that is composed of repeating small molecules called monomers.

  • (mono) meaning ‘single’

The word polymerisation means the making of a polymer. Polymers are either hard, brittle, flexible, soft or liquid. This depends on the chemical composition and temperature:

There are 2 types of Polymers:

  • Thermoplastic polymers
  • Thermosetting polymers


Thermoplastic polymers

A thermoplastic polymer is a polymer that can be melt to a liquid.  The process of this melting and cooling/hardening is reversible.


Thermosetting polymers

A thermosetting resin is a polymer in a soft solid or viscous state that changes irreversibly into an infusible, insoluble polymer network by curing.

Curing is induced by the action of heat often under high pressure. A cured thermosetting resin is called a thermoset or a thermosetting  polymer.



Adhesion is the tendency of molecules to stick together between different types of molecules due to attractive forces.

  • Adhesion = all the forces or mechanisms that keep the adhesive with each substrate
  • Cohesion = all the forces or mechanisms that hold the adhesive itself


POWDER adhesives

Why the choice for powder has been made?

  • Economical reasons (most investment choices are cost-driven)
    • Low investment cost
    • Compact machine layout
    • Low energy consumption
  • Environmental reasons
    • Low emissions
    • Less waste production
    • Weight reduction
  • Technical reasons
    • Good bonding
    • High flexibility

FAQ: Powder Adhesives vs Other Products

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