Metal Coating

Protection for metal surfaces exposed to chemicals and harsh weather conditions

Mechanical industrial parts are often exposed to significant temperature fluctuations, weather conditions, chemicals and mechanical influences. Without surface treatment, these parts are threatened by rapid corrosion and degradation under such conditions. Garden furniture, metal fences and playground equipment are extremely susceptible to corrosion caused by condensation, rain, air pollution and road salt. In the proximity of the sea, corrosion is further accelerated by the combination of sunlight, UV-radiation, wind and salt.

Fixatti has developed polyester-based and polyamide-based coating powders that will ensure long-lasting surface protection under the harshest conditions. The coatings are resistant to temperatures up to 90° C, have electrical insulation and are resistant to weak acids and alkalis. Due to their very good adhesive properties, the use of a primer is not required.


Application Processes


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