Battery Trays and Fire Extinguishers

Maximum anti-corrosion protection against chemical exposure

Acids, lyes and chemicals are the nemesis of any metal. Fixatti has developed different highly effective coating powders for the optimal protection of metal parts and components exposed to chemicals.

Fixatti's PE1110 is the ideal solution for battery trays, industrial components and metal containers. The coating powder allows for layer thicknesses of up to 1000 µm and ensures maximum anti-corrosion protection, very good electrical insulation, impact resistance and chemical resistance.

Fixatti's PE1210 is especially suited to coat battery racks, galvanized racks and components exposed to chemicals with layer thicknesses of 400 to 600 µm. The highly modified PE formulation has a very good chemical resistance, UV resistance and offers maximum anti-corrosion protection.

Fixatti's PE1500 is a thermoplastic coating powder based on polyolefin that is suitable for all common internal coating processes such a fire extinguishers. The extinguishing agents used in fire extinguishers often contain water, phosphate and ammonium sulphate, a mixture that no metallic inner wall can survive for an extended period of time. The PE powder allows for layer thicknesses of 400 to 600 µm and ensures a homogeneous, smooth-flowing protective film thanks to its good flow characteristics – even on parts with relatively thin walls. PE1500 meets the requirements of the European DIN EN 3 standard.

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