Fine Powders

Thermoplastic additives and fine powders

The Fixatti fine thermoplastic powders based on LDPE ,and alternatively on HDPE, can be applied as additive or binding agent in a wide application range. They come in a narrow particle size distribution with a nearly spherical particle shape.

The XF thermoplastic fine powders are suitable for glass fibre reinforced plastics (SMC, BMC), dry-cell batteries, elastomer plastics (anti-sticking agents), paints, varnishes, cosmetics, etc.

Our chemical-physical micronization technology offers very specific characteristics of this thermoplastic additive or fine powder:

  • a narrow, homogenous and very fine spectrum of particles
  • round particles for smooth surfaces that avoid shrinking of components
  • high densities and chemical purity
  • superior dispersion characteristics
  • safe, environmentally-friendly, straightforward storage and application possibilities


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