The process to grind granulate to powder involves one or more production steps:

  • compounding various granulates with additives, pigments, …
  • cryogenic and ambient grinding using various technologies
  • dry blending over various products and/or additives
  • sieving to specified Particle Size Distribution


  • Twin screw extruder and underwater pelletizing to produce thermoplastic compounds existing of  raw materials with additives such as pigments, flame-retardants etc. with precise loss in weight feeding and side feeding system.
  • Twin screw extruder thermosetting products to produce flakes with the possibility to add additives.


  • Ambient grinding technology: 
    Size reduction of raw materials on room temperature with different grinding tools in combination with or without additional sieving.
  • Cryogenic grinding technology:
    Size reduction of raw materials with the help of liquid nitrogen and different grinding tools in combination with or without additional sieving.

Mixing - Blending

  • Different mixing tools are available for precise and homogenous mixing of granulates and powders with the possibility to add additives.


  • Numerous sieving devices are at hand to separate different kinds of particle sizes. Tumbling, vibrating and ultrasonic sieves (or a combination of these) can be used depending on the product.


  • We offer different packaging solutions, such as PE bags, heavy duty raffia bags, big bags, boxes of 20kg and pallet boxes up to 400kg. We count with automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery.


  • In order to ensure the quality of our products, our lab is provided with high tech controlling instruments for particle size analysis such as laser diffraction, image analysis and air jet sieve.
  • Numerous other instruments are at hand to control product properties: a differential scanning calorimetry instrument, an infrared spectroscopy, colour analysis device, instruments to measure Kofler melting point & range, melt flow index, moisture content, viscosity, and gel time.


  • Fixatti is always looking to invest in the latest technologies available on the market to continue to meet the highest standards and demands of its customers. We recently invested in a state of the art new cryogenic grinding line.

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