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Experience opens up new ways


In chemistry, new, unique combinations arise when combining different substances. This also applies when companies merge. The result of this combination brings a renewed energy that entails new opportunities. “Let’s combine chemistry” is what Fixatti and Bostik are going to achieve as they combine their respective strengths to create one bigger, integrated platform.


You, our valued customer, are always in the center
Our unique identities as we continue to combine chemistries
Our high level of technical support and dedicated team members
Our high level of service and reliability


Extended product portfolio as a one-stop-shop global leader in bonding solutions
Reduced supply complexity with simplified testing processes and enhanced sourcing security
Increased commercial and technical support throughout the globe
Improved innovation through global R&D network and thought leadership


Fixatti stands for the merger of Schaetti Coating Technology and Dakota Coatings, both considered global leaders in the adhesive powder and coating industry, who joined forces in November 2018. Both companies have an extensive production capacity in grinding, compounding and blending of a variety of polymers.  Whereas Schaetti has always leveraged on their own polymerization of thermoplastic co-polyamides and co-polyesters, Dakota remains a very strong player in different but complementary niche products, such as the production of Epoxy Polyester binding resins for the acoustic felt business and high value polyurethanes for the custom heat transfer and conveyor belt industry.

Together FIXATTI targets to expand its product ranges to further supply the automotive, building, textile, furniture, footwear and metal coating industry.

FIXATTI represents innovation, quality and application competence. We leverage on a long-lasting experience in this niche industry, with a dedicated international team, continuous major investments in R&D and modern manufacturing facilities. The advantages of scale throughout the entire organization from R&D to purchases, production and sales enables the new company to be and remain the most competitive solution provider in this specialty polymer market.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customers' specifications and applications determine our processes and actions. We place great value in long-term relationships based on partnership.


  • Founded in 1957 by Mr. Joseph Schaetti and grown by Mr. Daniel Schaetti
  • HQ in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Niche player with focus on co-Pes and co-Pa


  • Founded in 1994 by Mr. Denijs Van De Weghe
  • HQ in Nazareth, Belgium
  • Niche player with focus on Thermoplastic Polyurethanes and Thermosetting resins

Our Values

  • Exclusive products
  • Flexible and custom solutions
  • High service level
  • Quick follow-up
  • Technical support
  • Worldwide presence
  • ISO 9001 certified and REACH compliant


Global Presence

Production & Sales Office

Sales Office


Fixatti NV

Industriepark De Prijkels
Venecoweg 23
9810 Nazareth
T +32 9 381 09 90
E info.fixatti@bostik.com


Fixatti AG

Hertistrasse 27
8304 Wallisellen
T +41 44 839 48 11
E info.fixatti@bostik.com

Fixatti China Polymer Specialties Co. Ltd

Shanghai Chemical Industrial Parc
9, Caihua Road
201507 Shanghai
T +86 21 6712 1666


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