If the shoe fits, wear it

Shoes are important, they create comfort and offer protection. In the manufacturing process of shoe linings, a variety of thermoplastic adhesives is being used. Fixatti EVA products find their application in shoe insoles and are commonly used for general laminating purposes. The lining is the material inside the shoe that comes in contact with the entire foot: the sides, top and heels. The main purpose of the lining is to cover the inside seams of the shoe and lengthen the shoe's lifespan. 

For shoe reinforcements at the front and back end of the shoe, toe-puffs and heel caps, Fixatti offers high end, low melting TPU adhesives that will protect your feet and enhance the lifetime of the shoes.These TPU adhesives have the required shore hardness for high quality components, where rigidity and high adhesion are key factors.The toe puff is the reinforcing material used to hold the shape of the toe box. It plays a fundamental role in providing structure to the front of the shoe. The quality of the toe puff equally determines the construction of a good shoe.The heel cap has a similar role as the toe puff, namely to provide the shape and the structure to the heel. A good shoe generally consists of both a high qualitative toe puff and heel counter.

Application processes 


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