Hotmelts, Films and Webs

High performance custom made hotmelt adhesives

Fixatti manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of high performance, thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives to use in a variety of industrial applications. They provide optimal bonding and superior manufacturing flexibility as they are a perfect alternative to solvent-based systems.

Our thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives are solvent-free materials that are compounded and applied by extruding and rolling. The high melt viscosity makes them ideal for bonding porous and permeable substrates. Hotmelt adhesives are widely used in different markets such as packaging, converting, nonwovens, footwear, etc. In all of these applications they offers an important advantage: fast processing. Unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives do not require drying. They practically give an immediate bond after application and cool down afterwards to their solidification point.

Fixatti offers:

  • High performance hot-melts in granules
  • Matching melting range and melting viscosity to individual requirements
  • Compounds with fillers, pigments and functional additives such as flame retardants
  • Polymerization and grinding capabilities of CoPa and CoPES




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