Automotive Interior Trims and Laminates

Decreasing weight, increasing safety and comfort starts at the construction of your car. 

In the automotive industry, the use of adhesives has continuously increased in the last few decades. There are many reasons to use adhesives in this industry, but one of the main reasons is the path towards lightweight vehicles. Threaded fasteners and welds are being replaced with adhesives to reduce weight. Initially there was a preference for thermosetting polymers, however recently we see that the use of thermoplastic adhesives is progressively increasing.

Fixatti offers a wide range of products that are based on polyethylene, polyolefin or mixtures, ethylene vinyl acetates, co-polyamides, polyurethanes and co-polyesters. The choice of the adhesive is made depending on the desired performance.

  • Polyethylene (PE) and other polyolefins (PO) are widely used in automotive applications. They contribute to a higher chemical resistance to acids and have a good resistance to moisture.
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is mainly used for low-performance bonding. It is however one of the most used polymers because of its low cost.
  • Co-Polyamides (PA) offer high performance in severe chemical environments. They bond different substrates such as metals, treated polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Co-Polyesters (PES) are similar to co-polyamides. They often have higher application temperatures but a lower strength and a lower melting point. They do provide a higher resistance to moisture and are widely employed to bond different fabrics.
  • Polyurethanes (TPU) create a good adhesion to different surfaces. They show good flexibility at lower temperatures, because of their low glass transition temperature. 



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