Conveyor belts

TPU adhesives for high end FDA approved belts

Fixatti offers a wide range of TPU adhesives that find their end application in the manufacturing process of conveyor belts for the bakery, confectionary, dairy, meat, poultry, snack food, fruit and vegetable processing industries. Some products can be oily, greasy or wet, some are frozen or steaming hot. Fixatti TPU adhesives are FDA approved and comply with the latest EU regulations

A conveyor belt generally consists of one or more layers of material. The base layer is a woven polyester with carbon wire, pretreated with isocyanates. Then one or several layers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) are coated on top.

  • The inner ply provides strength and shape. The use of TPU8086 is advised.
  • The outer ply is the top layer of the conveyor belt. It makes the belt more durable, giving it a higher scratch resistance. The use of TPU8093 is advised.


Application Processes

Powder application - Conveyor Belts - Knife coating


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